Saturday, July 13, 2024

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Well here we go again another busy year in Thelwall with a healthy calendar of events already shaping up. I wonder what you really appreciated last year that you would like to see more of for 2024?
I suppose it’s a bit unreasonable to be asking for all the fun and excitement of the 1100 celebrations to be repeated? Who knows, possibly some things could reappear this year if there’s enough demand and people willing to help make them happen.
Personally I try hard to get a balance between family, friends and relationships, giving time to the organisations and causes that are important to me and some ‘me time’. Oh yes then there’s that pesky work that has to be fitted in. It may mean I’m busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are people in this village that make me look positively lazy though as they beaver away behind the scenes so that incredible events like our Rose Queen, the bonfire and the 1100 are able to happen. I’m not going to name them all here but you know who you are. Whatever part you play thank you, I salute you on behalf of everyone in the village who enjoys what you do so much.
Dare I ask how your New Year’s resolutions are going? As I’m writing this it’s only the 10th of the month and mine have already hit stall. Who am I trying to kid? I never made it past midday on the 1st January never mind the 10th! Still it’s never too late to take up something helpful for our mind, body or, community. Move a little more, eat a little less, take time out and do something that gives you that feel good factor or brave a new group or hobby. If you’re stuck for ideas of where to start google The Five Ways to Wellbeing for a practical and manageable guide to creating some balance for a positive, productive you! All the best, Pip