Sunday, June 16, 2024

Parish Hall Car Park

Existing Car Park
What the New Car Park could look like

Earlier this year the Parish Hall Management Committee received planning permission to resurface the parish hall car park.

There will be lined spaces for 72 cars and NO MORE PUDDLES or a  bumpy surface. The project will cost the parish hall £62,000 of which we are £15,000 short in funds.

Recently the hall surface has had all the grass and mud scraped back off the surface to the new outline of the car park and people are amazed at how much more space and open the car park is. Please have a look when you are there next. We expect the work to be done in the first half of 2020 and it will take a maximum of 2 weeks to do during which the hall will continue to operate.

Please help if you can as we are asking for donations for the resurfacing work and the target of £15,000

There are several ways to give

  • On the internet on our giving page “Go Fund Me”  click on following link
  • Directly to the Parish Hall Treasurer Julia Young c/o the Vicarage, Bell Lane, Thelwall, (beside the Pickering Arms )

If you wish to make your gift tax efficient we can received £25 in every £100 that is donated by simply filling the form in below this article and supply it with your gift to the treasurer.

There will be a plaque marking the gifts and generosity of the community when the car park has been completed

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