Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Oxford and Thelwall – We’re Common!

What I mean to say is: what do Thelwall and Oxford have in common?
Dreaming spires?
A huge library?
Traffic jams?
Colleges? Yes!
The patron of All Saints church in Thelwall is Keble College, Oxford. There are 12,600 parishes in the Church of England, and everyone of them has a patron. A patron has the responsibility for appointing the vicar to its churches. And Keble College appoints to 67 parishes in total (now you know who to blame!).
Biennially, just after New Year, Keble invites all its clergy to a conference at the college, to discuss local and national church issues. At these conferences, the chaplain emphasises that one of the primary tasks of the college community is to pray for its parishes, which it does so at its daily chapel services.
So, as we embark on this New Year, be heartened that 660 students, 76 dons, 27 non-academic staff, one organ scholar and two chaplains are praying for you!
Happy New Year!
Revd Douglas Black

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