Monday, July 15, 2024

New Year, New Technology, New Opportunity!

Televisions, computers and mobile devices have had a profound effect on the way we learn and acquire information. When I was a child, if I wanted to know something, Arthur Mee’s Encyclopaedia was a standard source of knowledge. Today, I consult Google!

This is also true of the church. Not so long ago, a worshipper would be given 2-3 books when entering the building. Now-a-days, hymns are projected on a screen along with videos about the charities we support.

Even the way we learn about Bible stories is changing. At one time, the Nativity play was a rare sortie into visual learning. Now, the visual possibilities are plentiful and varied. At All Saints, we’ve had theatre groups, magicians, clowns, and ventriloquists. Indeed, we tend to start the New Year with an entertaining visit from the Coverdale puppets.

However, even though the technology is modern, the idea of communicating Bible stories via visual means has a long history. When Jesus talks about camels or sheep or vines, he may have been standing next to them. Also, many theologians believe that the Gospel of John was written to be performed. And, of course, our church buildings (including All Saints!) have Bible stories all over them!

Never-the-less, even though technology changes, the message remains the same: God loves you! And you are always welcome to come and celebrate that message with us in 2015 at All Saints church.

May I wish you every blessing for the New Year!

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