Thursday, June 13, 2024

Gravestones in Danger

The following gravestones in the older part of the graveyard are in danger of falling over and have been staked for safety. 

We would really like to repair them and to maintain the look of the old graveyard, but we are struggling for funds and may have to lie them down so that they do not present a hazard.  If you have any connection to any of the burials below, and would like to help with a donation, then please contact the Churchwardens, or Friends of All Saints Church.

Harry Walter d. 1935 and son Harry d.1943 and Jane d.1973

Frank William Reynolds d.1899 Lewis William Reynold d. 1907 and Edith Reynolds d.1907

Peter Rylands d.1887 and wife Caroline Wright Rylands d. 1920 and Louisa Caroline Yate (daughter) d.1920

William Houghton d.1885 and Elizabeth Houghton d.1897 and son died 1889

Louisa Houghton d.1889

Alice Maud Greenway died 1942, George Warburton d.1948, Gladys Greenway d.1986 and Philip Leslie Greenway died 1990