Thursday, June 13, 2024

Christian Aid Week

This week the service is about the work of Christian Aid in Zimbabwe.

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Janet Zirugo and her family are receiving support from the Christian Aid led ZRBF-BRACT Programme to build their resilience capacities to climate change and other shocks. Mutoko District where Janet comes from experiences harsh climatic condition with extended dry spells in recent years.

In the past, Janet’s family has gone through drought which affected their harvests. The drought drove the family into hunger forcing them to seek relief food.

But to improve food security and income generation, the programme has supported the family grow diversified traditional grains like pearl millet and other small grains as part of the climate smart agriculture interventions. Through conservation agriculture Janet has seen an improvement in crop production from her farm. She can now sell to local cereal boards and keep more for home consumption.

Eating traditional grains is also important for their nutrition and health.