Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Being a Christian where you are

I felt called to teaching when I was in my teens. I always knew that that was where God wanted me to be. I’m an RE teacher and a subject leader in religious studies, and I lead mindfulness sessions in a secondary school.

Over the years there was a vicar who asked me if I’d considered ordained ministry. But I knew teaching was working really well for me. When I was 25 or 26 another vicar asked me and at that point I wondered if God was trying to speak to me.

I didn’t realise that you could have a dual calling. I almost didn’t go forward for ordained ministry because I love teaching. I feel I make a difference in the school I’m in. It’s definitely important for me to help the students with mindfulness now. I have felt more needed now. The children have never had to face anything like this.

But having a dual calling made sense to me. I didn’t feel any less called to teaching in the secondary school, but God has just opened another door for me. To me, being a Christian means being a Christian where you are.

When I finish my training, I will teach and I will be able to help out with services and support a parish priest. It feels a bit surreal to be honest. But it’s wonderful. It’s a privilege to be called to help others. I’ve got something to look forward to which makes going through the pandemic easier.

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