Tuesday, February 27, 2024

All Saints Day of Prayer

Hi folks

Saturday was meant to be our Day of Prayer in church. However, things will need to be different this year!

A few days ago, I sent out a palm cross to everyone without email etc. In the envelope, I included a little guide about using a palm cross in prayer. I’ve attached a copy, just in case you find it helpful. 

I’ve compiled some prayer items (click here). I’ve grouped them around the palm cross guide headings. If I’ve omitted anything – or you think of another prayer need – just pray for it/them.

Normally, we’d come into church for an allotted 15 minutes. However, any 15 minutes – in your home –  would be brilliant. Hopefully, we’ll add 100 praying people to the 35-40 recipients palm crosses & prayer guides!

Thank you for your prayers.