Saturday, May 25, 2024

With Easter comes Hope!

What gets you out of bed in the morning, apart from the clock radio or the sunrise? We all need something that motivates us – something to look forward to and to live for. Hope is a cherished commodity. It raises our spirits. It helps us through challenging times. And it fills our lives with promise.
Perhaps you have much to look forward to, and you are grateful for the good things in life. A rewarding job that fulfils your potential. A partner you love dearly. Children and grandchildren who fill you with delight. Good friends.
Or maybe times are tough. Relationships have fragmented. Finances are tight. Parenting is stressful. You’re in a dead end job. Health issues make life a struggle. Your friends are unreliable. Where do you turn when things aren’t going well?
For Christians, the death and resurrection of Jesus are the bedrock of our faith – and our hope is supremely expressed in the Easter story. If it’s hope you’re looking for, we’d love to welcome you to our Easter

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