Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Vicar’s Article – Promises, promises!

Liberty University in the USA now offers courses in the ‘psychology of disappointment’. Apparently, the courses are oversubscribed – lots
of disappointed students!
If we’re honest, most of us have either been disappointed when someone close to us has broken a promise – or we’ve made a promise ourselves which we haven’t kept. Sooner or later, we come to realise the hurt and damage that broken promises inflict on others and ourselves. It can become very messy. And, says the Bible, our ‘mess ups’ also mess up our relationship with God. Why? Because he holds relationships and promises in very high regard.
However, the story of Easter reminds us of God’s amazing response to this mess – the death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus promised his disciples before he was crucified that it wasn’t the end of the story, that he would come back. So the empty tomb of the first Easter wasn’t just Jesus keeping his promise to his disciples. It was God initiating a new start for every one of us – forgiveness, hope and a real future. If that sounds like a promise worth exploring, why not join us at All Saints this Easter? We PROMISE you a warm welcome (and chocolate). Happy Easter!
Revd Douglas Black