Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Vicar’s Article Lent: Spring Clean!

I quite like the season of Lent, possibly for the wrong reasons.
Normally, Lent is associated with self-denial and the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness, preparing for his public ministry of preaching and healing. But the word ‘Lent’ comes from the old English word for ‘lengthen’, as in the lengthening of the days. In other words, spring.
And that’s why I like Lent. It means winter will soon be over. (You’ve probably guessed I’m not a fan of the dark and cold!)
Perhaps the best way to ‘sell’ the idea of Lent to people like me is to talk about spring cleaning. Lent is an opportunity to clear out negative behaviour, to rethink priorities and to prepare for a season of fruitfulness. This is a much warmer and more positive approach!
This year, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 22nd February and finishes on Easter Saturday. We at All Saints church will be spring cleaning our lives, and you are really welcome to join us.

Roll on Lent/Spring!
Rev’d Douglas Black