Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Vicar’s Article – Harvest Anagram!

Years ago, at a Harvest Festival, I remember a preacher rearranging some of the letters from the word ‘harvest’ to help a church respond to the needs of the day.. He came up with three words: ‘starve’, ‘heart’ and ‘share’. In summary, his sermon went like this: many  people in the world are starving; God has a heart for the poor; he wants us to have a heart for them, too; so let’s share with the hungry. Memorable. Or at least it was for me!

But the basic message is just as relevant today as it was all those years ago. The cost of living crisis will mean that many people will go hungry (starve) this winter. God still has a heart for those who struggle and he still wants us to have a heart for them, too. So what can we do? Share!

This brings me to our harvest appeal. At our Harvest Festival on Sunday, 2nd October at 10am, we are inviting people to bring parcels and bags of tinned and packet food for the Warrington Foodbanks. This year, the demand on them will be greater than ever. Thank you for responding to the needy and to God’s heart for them. Your sharing is HUGELY appreciated.

Rev’d Douglas Black