Friday, July 12, 2024

Thelwall 1100 Celebrations

Inside All Saints Church, on the south wall, is a triptych celebrating the origins of Thelwall. It reads: “TO THE GLORY OF GOD, this tablet is erected as a memorial of EDWARD THE ELDER, KING OF THE ENGLISH A.D.901-925, who in the year 923 built the fortress & town of THELWALL and sojourned in this place. Victorious over the Danes, he preserved the blessings of Christianity, and established supremacy over all Britain. He was crowned at Kingston-on-Thames, Whit Sunday A.D 902 by Plegmund, Archbishop of Canterbury, himself a Cheshire man, and lies buried in Winchester Cathedral.”
One of the panels on the triptych further explains: “A.D. CM XXIII. In this year after harvest, King Edward went with his forces to THELWALL & commanded the town to be built and occupied and manned”. The triptych was, in fact, primarily made to celebrate a different King Edward, who lived a millennia later. The wording on the tablet continues: “ALSO to commemorate the Coronation in Westminster Abbey of EDWARD VII of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the seas: King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India”. It concludes with a quote from Psalm 22: “The King shall rejoice in thy strength O Lord.”
Please feel free to visit the church and view the triptych. And you are particularly invited to our Thelwall 1100 Celebration Service on Sunday, 24th September at 10am. You’ll receive a VERY warm welcome (especially if your name is Edward!!).

Revd Douglas Black