Friday, June 14, 2024

Covid Prayer Project


All Saints Drive / Parry Drive
Gateley Close
Woodlands Drive
Pickering Crescent
Wilson Close
Kath & the Helpline
Phone a Friend Scheme
PCC Cobra Committee
My Street / My Needs ….


Wilmslow Crescent
Ferry Lane / Village Close
Bell Lane/Gigg Lane
Lymm Road
Laskey Lane
Chaigeley School
Parish Hall
My Street / My Needs….


Stockport Road
Stanton Road
Beech Avenue
Moore Avenue
Selworthy Drive
Barley Road/Watton Close
Pelham Road
Thelwall Infant & Junior Schools
My Street / My Needs….

Growing Up

…in our faith by engaging with
the bible, prayer & worship

Growing Together

…through team work, encouragement,
fellowship & fun!

Growing Out

…to our local and global community
with practical service & generosity

Growing More

…by sharing our faith and drawing
people into the life of the church.


Thelwall New Road
Woodford Close
Handforth Close
Prestbury Drive
Mobberley Close
Alderley Road
Church Conservation & Heritage Project
My Street / My Needs…


Deans Lane
Halfacre Lane/Cinders Lane
Weaste Lane
Cuerdon Drive
Marie Drive
Thelwall Grange Care Home
Cheshire Grange Care Home
My Street / My Needs…..


Dunmow Road
Walden Close/Harlow Close
Welwyn Close
Buntingford Road
Baldock Close
Richmond Avenue
Local Businesses
My Street / My Needs….

You can download a copy of the Covid Prayer Project below