Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Christian Aid Week – Hope for Ukraine 

Christian Aid was founded in 1945 to work with partner churches to alleviate suffering in Europe after millions of refugees were displaced in the aftermath of the Second World War.  Since then, it has extended its work to all places in the world where there is poverty and suffering. However, the war in Ukraine has forced Christian Aid to somewhat rediscover its original mission: to alleviate the suffering of 4.3 million Ukrainian refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries. Christian Aid is working with partner organisations in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Ukraine, providing lifesaving aid, shelter, truckloads of food, water, sanitation and health support, as well as offering vital information for refugees and internally displaced people. Christian Aid is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee, which means that it is in prime position to help quickly, wherever disaster strikes.

Christian Aid Week is 15th – 21st May. In this magazine there’s an envelope for your donation. Please, please, please give generously (like you always do) and drop off the envelope at one of the collection points listed below or make your donation HERE or via

You’ll be making a huge difference. Thank you!

Revd Douglas Black