Sunday, June 16, 2024
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A Christmas Promise

Christmas is often a time of promises…
“I promise to get you the latest PlayStation”
“I promise I won’t stay too long at the Pick and the Manor”
“I promise I’ll be nice to the mother-in-law”
“I promise not to eat too much”
Some of these promises are not always easy to keep. But we try our best!
Actually, a promise is right at the heart of the Christmas story – God’s promise to send his Son into the world. Some scholars believe there are more than 300 promises in the Old Testament about the coming of Jesus, written several centuries before the Christ-child was actually born in a stable. God always keeps his promises!
And His coming affects every one of us, because it deals with what we need most – to be re-connected with the God who created us. The good news of Christmas is that we can come back to God through Jesus – we can know his love, his peace and real hope for the future.
So why not join us at our services in All Saints church this Christmas, to discover that promise for yourself? You’ll be made very, very welcome, I promise!
Revd Douglas Black

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