Choir & Music Group

Again a very big thank you to all the musicians involved within the life of All Saints’.  The Choir and Music Group members are so committed that it’s a great joy to be their director; especially with your prayers being answered in abundance!  The choir now has 4 new members and another on the horizon.  Praise God for Malcolm & Anne Hague & Chris & Freda Slough joining us & thank you so much for all your prayers.  Please continue to pray for us as we all settle down together. Trish has been as wonderful as ever despite a difficult year personally and I’m very grateful to Jean Topps who occasionally is able to help Julia & me out on the piano when needed.  I am looking forward to welcoming Jean into the choir too after Easter – the choir goes on growing! In fact at Christmas we had a few problems deciding if we had enough space in the choir pews for everyone – a lovely problem to have.

Also, many thanks go to Paul & Greg in the music group and to Chris who is kind enough to join us when he is home from university. You are all very much appreciated by everybody as you help to lead our worship.

As always Advent & Christmas gave an opportunity for some extra lovely music in our worship and this year we continued our experimenting with slightly different versions of our Carol Service which, from the large number of positive comments made over the following weeks, was again a great success.

Once again we have had another special joint evensong back at Christchurch this time.   Please pray for this venture and for the ways in which it can grow.

We are constantly concerned about the state of the organ; please pray for wisdom about continued care for & use of this instrument.

If you have any ideas about the music in All Saints’ please do let me know or come and join us.  All are welcome – both ideas and people.