Regular Events

  • Dr Colin Daniels Eulogy
    We are here today to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Dr Colin Daniels. Like most diamonds, Colin had many facets to his life. First and foremost, he was a devoted family man. He loved his darling wife Norma, and his three children Mark, Helen and Catherine. He would speak of them with pride and joy
  • 27th September 2020 – Sunday Service
    Douglas leads us through our latest Sunday Service. Subscribe to the channel to receive updates as we post new content.
  • 20th September 2020 – Sunday Service
    Douglas, Janet and Colin lead us through our Sunday Service
  • Jean Topps Eulogy
    Jean was hard wording & diligent, both in her professional & persona life……
  • 13th September 2020 – Sunday Service
    Douglas welcome back into Church for our first service of the month