Friday, July 12, 2024

Electoral Roll

At the time of writing this in mid-March 2023, the Electoral Roll had been updated and at that stage the numbers were:-
 The number on our Electoral Roll was 231.
 The total last year was 237 (as declared on 8th May 2022).
Of these 231 names, 168 live in the parish of Thelwall and 63 outside. There were 7 new names added to the Electoral Roll with 13 names being recorded as deceased and therefore removed from the Electoral Roll.
Following the Covid pandemic, and the return to normal services, we have seen a resumption of congregation members registering on the Electoral Roll. We have in the period from 1st May 2022 seen a reduction of 6 members of the Electoral Roll equating to a 2.5% reduction in members. This figure may be revised in the coming weeks leading up to the end of April when the formal declaration of numbers is provided for the Diocese and the PCC Annual General Meeting.