Sunday, May 26, 2024


All Saints has a special group dedicated to families who wish to have their children baptised.

One of us will contact the family of the baby/child who is to be Baptised a couple of weeks before the service.

Arrangements are made to visit the family and the opportunity is given to view a DVD, First Steps, which explains the concept of Baptism and what it means within the Christian Church.

Any questions rising from the dvd are answered and we also discuss the Baptism service itself in order that the parents know what to expect.

One the day, we assist Douglas during the service and distribute a Certificate of Baptism and a lighted candle to the parents. Cards are also presented to the God parents to remind them of the day and of the promises they have made. We have started to also present the parents with a childrens bible to serve as memory of the day and to encourage learning about Christianity.

After a review of the Order of Service, it was decided to amend it slightly to make it easier to follow for those not familiar with a Church service. By doing this, it is hoped that individuals may be more inclined to attend further services in the future and perhaps begin to form a relationship with God and His Church.

We aim to be a recognisable ‘friendly face’ so that when the family visit All Saints again, they will know at least one member of the congregation.

If you wish to enquiry about a baptism service at All Saints please contact our vicar, Douglas Black, on 01925 261166