Friday, July 12, 2024

Worship Action Group

The brief of the WAGs is to develop worship, nurture and prayer in line with the church’s mission statement: growing up, growing together, growing out, growing more.

Slowly, but surely, church members are beginning to return to public worship. Most Covid restrictions have been lifted but we continue to administer Holy Communion using a wafer with a drop of wine on it. This will be reviewed by PCC in the late spring.

We are always thinking of imaginative and flexible ways to help people engage with prayer. The prayer booklets from the Prayer Trust have been well received at Christmas and Easter. Also, we have been compiling home-made prayer project leaflets for Advent and Lent, which contain some seasonal prayers and a list of items needing prayer. We will also produce one for Harvest.

Every year, we sign up for the Archbishops’ Ascension-tide initiative: Thy Kingdom Come (TKC). TKC encourages Christian to pray for – and share their faith with – family, friends & neighbours. Last year, the C of E provided the resources for free. However, it looks like we might have to pay for them this year.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June and her death in September took us through the full range of emotions, but the church responded to these occasions with dedication and focus. We were very grateful to Judith Biggin for coordinating and preparing us for ‘Operation London Bridge’ – the code name for the Queen’s death.

Our Bible study and Lent groups continue to build up the people who attend and they, in turn, build up others. Last year’s Lent Course was ‘Talking Jesus’ – studies in sharing our faith. This year’s course is “Fruitfulness on the Frontline’ – reflections on how God can and does work through our daily lives.

Last summer, Felicity stepped down as our Director of Music after 24 years in the role. We resisted the temptation to give Felicity the traditional gift for a 24th anniversary – a musical instrument! The PCC is currently discussing what a post-Felicity world might look like. In the interim, the WAGs are grateful to the singers and musicians for their enthusiasm in rising to the challenge of providing for our public worship.

We have found these resources helpful: