Sunday, June 16, 2024
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The Stewardship Action Group advises on matters referred to us by the PCC and seek to support the treasurer and church wardens. We also seek to encourage giving based on Biblical principles. Since the pandemic we have maintained contact by email in order to discuss stewardship issues and have meet together in person after church services to talk and continue discussions. Documents are shared between group members. In this way we have avoided taking up an evening from those who are already very busy.

Encouraging Stewardship: Our membership are of considerable importance as they provide the majority of our funding and give valuable volunteer help, particularly with fund raising events. Those who have committed to regular giving by envelopes or standing order have continued to support us.
At the annual Stewardship service in 2022, we highlighted the financial fall our finances had taken during the pandemic. We urged our church members to continue to give as generously as they were able, not just with monetary contributions but also with volunteering. Our stewardship secretary is responsible for the weekly giving envelopes and is available to give more information on these. Details of the church bank account are available from myself or the treasurer for those who want to give by standing order or to make a one off donation.

Church Budget: A budget for the coming year was prepared and presented to the PCC for approval. The PCC have asked for a regular update on the way the budget is being meet.

Maintenance: The group is responsible for the maintenance of the church yard and supports the church wardens in implementing the church maintenance plan.

Unsafe Monuments in Churchyard: We are trying to find contact details for the following deceased who are buried in All Saints churchyard. The monuments on these graves are unsafe and require attention. We have taken temporary measures to make these safe but if we are unable to contact relatives we will ask the Diocese of Chester for permission to lay these monuments flat.

Can you help us locate and contact relatives? If so please contact us.

Harry Walter d. 1935 and son Harry d.1943 and Jane d.1973

Frank William Reynolds d.1899 Lewis William Reynold d. 1907 and Edith Reynolds d.1907

Peter Rylands d.1887 and wife Caroline Wright Rylands d. 1920 and Louisa Caroline Yate (daughter) d.1920

William Houghton d.1885 and Elizabeth Houghton d.1897 and son died 1889

Louisa Houghton d.1889

Alice Maud Greenway died 1942, George Warburton d.1948, Gladys Greenway d.1986 and Philip Leslie Greenway died 1990