Church Exterior West Wall

The group has five members including the PCC treasurer and Parish Giving Officer (group chair). We seek to support the church wardens in their task of caring for the fabric of the church and the PCC treasurer in her work.

We continue to promote the Biblical approach to giving. We sent a letter of thanks to those who are part of the planned giving scheme and a letter promoting giving to all on the electoral roll. We gave a presentation based on the Anglican ‘Giving for Life’ initiative at the annual stewardship service.

The group prepare a budget that is presented to the PCC. This covered the regular income and expenditure of the church but did not include any of the projected expenditure required for the roof repairs or the church reordering.

We reviewed our churchyard policy in the light of the Chester diocese ‘Churchyard Safety’ document and considered ways in which access for visitors and maintenance can be improved for the cremation plots.

Click here for the Diocese guidance on Churchyard Regulations.

We organised the making and sale of hand made Christmas wreaths. While demand for the wreaths was good we had fewer volunteers than previous years. For this to continue we must address the shortage of volunteers.

We support FairTrade and a stall is set up in church once per month.

Unsafe Monuments in Churchyard

We are trying to find contact details for the following deceased who are buried in All Saints churchyard. The monuments on these graves are unsafe and require attention. We have taken temporary measures to make these safe but if we are unable to contact relatives we will ask the Diocese of Chester for permission to lay these monuments flat.

Can you help us locate and contact relatives? If so please contact us.

Josephine Aimson d.1999

Olive Allington d.2000

Frederick Littler d.1982 and Ada Littler d.2002

Mary Capps d.1994 and Peter Edward Capps d.2001

Vera Goodall d.1993

Dorothy Constance Whitlow d.1991 and Herbert Whitlow d.1996

Gertrude Elaine Lucas d.1987

Mary Josephine Moon d.1985 and Joseph Edward Moon d.1985

Violet Harbourne d.1984 and Frank Harbourne d.1991

John Finch d.1970 and his wife Matilda d.1989

Jamest Hewitt d.1974 also Dora Hewitt d.1983 and son Geoffry Lawrence Hewitt d.1963

Dennis William Dunbabin d.1983 and wife Nancy Iris (Billie) d.1981

Cecil Arthur Bolton d.1981 and Bessie Bolton d.1986

Raymond Johnson d.1981

Fred Wood d.1982 and wife Mary Wood d.1991

Harry Walter d. 1935 and son Harry d.1943 and Jane d.1973

Frank William Reynolds d.1899 Lewis William Reynold d. 1907 and Edith Reynolds d.1907

Peter Rylands d.1887 and wife Caroline Wright Rylands d. 1920 and Louisa Caroline Yate (daughter) d.1920

William Houghton d.1885 and Elizabeth Houghton d.1897 and son died 1889

Louisa Houghton d.1889

Alice Maud Greenway died 1942, George Warburton d.1948, Gladys Greenway d.1986 and Philip Leslie Greenway died 1990