Social & Communications

The Social side of the Parish is a very important part of life within the family of All Saints Church.  We try to put together a blend of Events

a) to appeal to members of the Church;

b) to encourage people outside the family of the church to come along and see what we are about;

c) to raise additional funds for church projects.

We also try to communicate with the community as well as with the congregation at All Saints using a variety of media, from advertising in local papers, to running the Parish News and the Website.

We have had another year of bonding both within our church and outside with roughly monthly events giving everybody a chance to come along and join in or to be involved in the organisation of those events.  We are keen to ensure that more and more people are involved in the organisation to lighten the load on an already very busy core of people.  To that end we provide events cards, along with tips to help the shyer folks invite more people into the fold.  Additional to our Parish News and website, we now have a Facebook site advertising our events for those who prefer their contact in electronic form.

Each year we devise events to entertain the full range of age groups and involve servers, entertainers, cleaners, organisers, educators, feeders, shoppers, chief cooks, bottle washers and quiet dryers!  Getting together with other people to do a task to a definite deadline can be one of the best ways to bind people together and has deepened many a friendship in a church life that has many and varied calls on its time, spirit and money.  First activity of the year is the Jumble Sale; here Thelwall disgorges tons of unwanted treasures onto the pavement and others fight to buy it next day!  The teamwork is breathtaking, collecting, sorting, selling and clearing is all done in 24 hours.

After a hearty meal Burns night sees people having a jolly dance – most join in and sacrifice their pride, but most red faces may have been caused by the being very slightly out of condition from Christmas.  In June the Hoe Down has similar activities but includes children old enough not to be mowed down by our more boisterous attendees.

Family events include our popular Easter Egg Hunt which mixes up the ages and encourages people from outside the area to join in the fun and perhaps gain an insight into what all the fuss is about at Easter. Our Jubilee lunch was a great hit with our hall being absolutely packed with well wishers to our Queen – although many people sited the fabulous cakes and puddings as the highlight of the day.

Every couple of years we have a peaceful / industrious weekend in Cloverley Hall, which was more relaxed than previous years; which meant that the organisers had time to enjoy themselves as well getting some quality time with church members and their families which is difficult to get at other times.

Various suppers and lunches have helped those in our village to realise that they count in our world and that if they choose, they need not be lonely.  With a break over summer we gathered up our event calendar with a friendly, easy going Harvest Supper; a fabulous Bonfire night especially aimed at families – no alcohol; then our Christmas Fayre to get people into the spirit; then Carols round the Village in the snow sealed off the year.  Overall this year, judging from all the smiley faces, peoples’ confidence about singing, serving, acting and making friends seemed to grow up, out, together and more.


Our Parish Magazine FREE monthly magazine, delivered to every house in the village. It aims has a little bit of interest for everyone in the village including our local business people and has numerous contributors.  The website looks great and is available to all at as a focus for all Parish Events and we will be encouraging more use of it in 2012.


The Growth Target for our Action Group this year is to en-courage more people to come to our Events and we are doing this by getting people to invite their friends and family to events with Events Cards, gathering emails at the more popular events so we can invite them to our next events, reminding people of our next events when communicating for contributions to the magazine and most importantly standing up and asking people to come both in church and at events – the spoken word is most powerful touch on the human spirit to whoop it up and have fun of all!