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Rugby World Cup 2019: Jesus is a rugby supporter

Jul 19, 2019   //   by mhorne   //   From the Vicar  //  No Comments

September is the beginning of the Rugby World Cup. Don’t expect to get any sense out of me for six weeks. I sometimes wish that my passion for the game and my team could be surgically removed. The emotional roller coaster is often more than I can bear.

Of course, after a tournament is over – and my team has not won it – I draw consolation from the fact that the game of rugby has been the winner. And it has. But then, a few weeks later, the roller coaster starts all over again. Groundhog Day!

When I first started going to church in my late teens, the in-house youth leaders were of the opinion that rugby was not a very Christian sport. My association with church was almost over before it began. But rather than leave, I tried to make a case for the game (and still do), even if only to convince myself. It went something like this: the core values of the game are fair play, passion, team work, discipline and respect. It doesn’t always look like it. But they are there somewhere. Indeed, I came to the conclusion that the church had a lot to learn from rugby. Thankfully, it is learning. It may not always look like it. But the values are in there somewhere. And that’s why Jesus is a rugby supporter.

Rev’ Douglas Black

With Easter comes Hope!

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What gets you out of bed in the morning, apart from the clock radio or the sunrise? We all need something that motivates us – something to look forward to and to live for. Hope is a cherished commodity. It raises our spirits. It helps us through challenging times. And it fills our lives with promise.
Perhaps you have much to look forward to, and you are grateful for the good things in life. A rewarding job that fulfils your potential. A partner you love dearly. Children and grandchildren who fill you with delight. Good friends.
Or maybe times are tough. Relationships have fragmented. Finances are tight. Parenting is stressful. You’re in a dead end job. Health issues make life a struggle. Your friends are unreliable. Where do you turn when things aren’t going well?
For Christians, the death and resurrection of Jesus are the bedrock of our faith – and our hope is supremely expressed in the Easter story. If it’s hope you’re looking for, we’d love to welcome you to our Easter

A Christmas Promise

Nov 27, 2018   //   by mhorne   //   From the Vicar  //  No Comments

Christmas is often a time of promises…
“I promise to get you the latest PlayStation”
“I promise I won’t stay too long at the Pick and the Manor”
“I promise I’ll be nice to the mother-in-law”
“I promise not to eat too much”
Some of these promises are not always easy to keep. But we try our best!
Actually, a promise is right at the heart of the Christmas story – God’s promise to send his Son into the world. Some scholars believe there are more than 300 promises in the Old Testament about the coming of Jesus, written several centuries before the Christ-child was actually born in a stable. God always keeps his promises!
And His coming affects every one of us, because it deals with what we need most – to be re-connected with the God who created us. The good news of Christmas is that we can come back to God through Jesus – we can know his love, his peace and real hope for the future.
So why not join us at our services in All Saints church this Christmas, to discover that promise for yourself? You’ll be made very, very welcome, I promise!
Revd Douglas Black

You Are Welcome

Jul 6, 2018   //   by mhorne   //   From the Vicar  //  No Comments

You’re welcome!
What do you think of when you think of church?
Maybe an old stone building. Or singing boring hymns with 25 verses. Or a bunch of morally superior, smartly dressed people who seem to have it all together (but probably behave as badly as everyone else in secret).
Perhaps it’s time to think again. There is more to church than buildings, music and hypocrites!
Our church is a family of individuals adopted by a loving God. Like all families, our members have known loss, failure, brokenness, and hurt. So please don’t be surprised if you find we’re not perfect. Like the saints in our stained glass windows, we’re a bit ‘cracked’. But, despite our imperfections, we laugh and have a lot of fun together. And we support each other through the highs and lows of life.
All Saints is made up of people from all walks of life. In fact, our variety is our strength. We are (very) ‘down to earth’. We don’t want to be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good! We are united by a desire to put our faith into action.
Most importantly, our church is for everyone and you are welcome! We love it when new people join us at All Saints and we will do our best to make you feel at home.
This summer, why not let us repaint your picture of church?

Unsafe Monuments

Jul 4, 2018   //   by mhorne   //   From the Vicar, Uncategorized  //  No Comments

We are trying to find contact details for the following deceased who are buried in All Saints churchyard. The monuments on these graves are unsafe and require attention. We have taken temporary measures to make these safe but if we are unable to contact relatives we will ask the Diocese of Chester for permission to lay these monuments flat.

Can you help us locate and contact relatives? If so please contact us.


Josephine Aimson d.1999

Olive Allington d.2000

Frederick Littler d.1982 and Ada Littler d.2002

Mary Capps d.1994 and Peter Edward Capps d.2001

Vera Goodall d.1993

Dorothy Constance Whitlow d.1991 and Herbert Whitlow d.1996

Gertrude Elaine Lucas d.1987

Mary Josephine Moon d.1985 and Joseph Edward Moon d.1985

Violet Harbourne d.1984 and Frank Harbourne d.1991

John Finch d.1970 and his wife Matilda d.1989

Jamest Hewitt d.1974 also Dora Hewitt d.1983 and son Geoffry Lawrence Hewitt d.1963

Dennis William Dunbabin d.1983 and wife Nancy Iris (Billie) d.1981

Cecil Arthur Bolton d.1981 and Bessie Bolton d.1986

Raymond Johnson d.1981

Fred Wood d.1982 and wife Mary Wood d.1991

Harry Walter d. 1935 and son Harry d.1943 and Jane d.1973

Frank William Reynolds d.1899 Lewis William Reynold d. 1907 and Edith Reynolds d.1907

Peter Rylands d.1887 and wife Caroline Wright Rylands d. 1920 and Louisa Caroline Yate (daughter) d.1920

William Houghton d.1885 and Elizabeth Houghton d.1897 and son died 1889

Louisa Houghton d.1889

Alice Maud Greenway died 1942, George Warburton d.1948, Gladys Greenway d.1986 and Philip Leslie Greenway died 1990

New Year, New Technology, New Opportunity!

Jan 5, 2015   //   by mhorne   //   From the Vicar  //  No Comments

Televisions, computers and mobile devices have had a profound effect on the way we learn and acquire information. When I was a child, if I wanted to know something, Arthur Mee’s Encyclopaedia was a standard source of knowledge. Today, I consult Google!

This is also true of the church. Not so long ago, a worshipper would be given 2-3 books when entering the building. Now-a-days, hymns are projected on a screen along with videos about the charities we support.

Even the way we learn about Bible stories is changing. At one time, the Nativity play was a rare sortie into visual learning. Now, the visual possibilities are plentiful and varied. At All Saints, we’ve had theatre groups, magicians, clowns, and ventriloquists. Indeed, we tend to start the New Year with an entertaining visit from the Coverdale puppets.

However, even though the technology is modern, the idea of communicating Bible stories via visual means has a long history. When Jesus talks about camels or sheep or vines, he may have been standing next to them. Also, many theologians believe that the Gospel of John was written to be performed. And, of course, our church buildings (including All Saints!) have Bible stories all over them!

Never-the-less, even though technology changes, the message remains the same: God loves you! And you are always welcome to come and celebrate that message with us in 2015 at All Saints church.

May I wish you every blessing for the New Year!

The Puppets Return!

Jan 1, 2015   //   by Admin   //   From the Vicar  //  No Comments

A Happy & Blessed New Year to one and all!

Every January, at church, we treat ourselves to a visit from the Coverdale Puppets. The Coverdale puppet theatre is run by Ian & Elaine Coules from Kids-Inc Ministries in Liverpool. Their vision is to present Bible stories and Christian teaching in an exciting, fun and relevant way to both children and adults, using muppet style puppets. Ian says: “We then aim to stimulate these people to read the stories for themselves.”

Ian and Elaine’s vision is being fulfilled in several different sectors: in schools, in churches and through community projects. Every December, they put on hundreds of performances for school children across the North West, including an annual visit to Thelwall Junior School. In fact, I had the privilege of watching the Coverdale Puppets with the rest of the children when they visited school last month. The show was inspiring and hilarious at the same time!

I’m really pleased to announce that the Coverdales will be performing the same show at our Family Service on Sunday, 4th January at 10am. It’s really worth seeing, and you’ll receive a very warm welcome (from humans & puppets!). I’ll also have the pleasure of being able to wish you a Happy New Year in person.